Lynia Love: The Woman

It is rare to meet a person who seems so certain of what they want out of life and so well equipped to achieve it.
Lynia “Love” McCloud-Clark is one of these rare individuals who possess the experience, personality, and passion
to captivate the entertainment industry with her breathtaking acting talent and stunning modeling ability.

Only a voluptuous, raven-haired, gray-eyed beauty such as Lynia exudes the sensuality and confidence to anchor the
pseudonym of Love. Lynia donned the name Lynia Love to create a fluid, feminine and memorable stage name but it
is her performance that is indelibly etched on your heart.

Inspired by the likes of Pam Grier, Angela Bassett, CCH Pounder and other pioneers of her field Lynia Love has
been performing since childhood and has always brought an intense, controlled energy to the stage. A firecracker
both on and off stage, Lynia has a warm and inviting quality that makes it hard to imagine her in an unsavory,
devious role but it is her versatility and flexibility as an actress that are two of her finest attributes.

Secure and connected with any character, Lynia stretches herself beyond her comfort zone to find a relatable
sincerity in every role she plays. Lynia studied theater and communication at Mercer County College and has
graduated from John Robert Powers’ Modeling and Finishing School as well as Smooches Model Inc.’s modeling
program. She continues to hone her acting skills as a regular attendee of the NYC Filmmakers Workshops,
constantly developing and perfecting her acting.

With a strong artistic background, Lynia strives to establish herself as an acclaimed actress and is willing to pay her
dues as a beginner in the business for the opportunity to feel the rush of the stage, the admiration of an audience,
her growth as an artist, and the deepening of her devotion to the arts. Lynia could not have chosen a better surname
because it is her candid love for her craft that will soon put her center stage.
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